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What You Can Expect at the Auctions this Year.

After having such a successful season last year, we knew that we had to create something unique for our customers to bid on out our NFL partners home games. Our top designs got together to brainstorm what sort of custom frame could that build that would really stand out at our auctions and could make a […]

Super Bowl Time

It’s Super Bowl time everyone, and that means Watch Parties are going to happen. It’s the Patriots VS the Falcons in what should turn out to be a high scoring affair. This game will make history. One quarterback has the potential to win more Super Bowls than any other before him (Tom Brady) or a […]

Practical and Fun Uses for Poster Frames

Poster frames have been around a long time. There’s something about blowing up and image and displaying it for the world to see. There are several reason why a person may want to invest in a custom frame for a poster. First of all, there are collectors who focus specifically on posters. Watch one episode […]

Completely Adorable Framed Baby Photos

Here I sit, the Friday before Labor Day weekend. I’m stuck in the office, waiting to go home. Yet then I thought, what can turn a frown upside down? Baby Photos, of course! I chose a few framed photos from the archives to share. How would you like your picture taken right after a bath? […]

Musical Photo Collages

Photo collages are super popular. Especially when the topic is frames, it seems like the more pics you can fit, the better. I guess a lot of people consider just one photo in a frame a waste! Alanis Morissette was the jam in the nineties. Jagged Little Pill sold countless copies. In addition, her song […]

Framed Photos and Quotes on Photography

framed photos csd framing

All framed photos have an origin. For a calming effect, read some of these gorgeous photography quotes I compiled from petapixel online.   “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” — Andy Warhol “Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and […]

The Photo Collage

The photo collage is very popular right now. A lot of stores carry pre-made photo collages. Why come to CSD Framing instead? Our materials are high quality. Also, you can get a cutout of a shape or name in the photo matting. That makes it personalized and look cool. Your photo frame will be immaculate.  […]