Practical and Fun Uses for Poster Frames

Poster frames have been around a long time. There’s something about blowing up and image and displaying it for the world to see. There are several reason why a person may want to invest in a custom frame for a poster. First of all, there are collectors who focus specifically on posters. Watch one episode of Antiques Roadshow and you’re bound to see a poster or two. They represent the old school way of marketing, and a way of marketing that has yet to die. That’s difficult to find. Nowadays, we see versions of the poster frame in digital marketing. Web banners, social media images, and image-driven email newsletters are examples.

I’m going to be going through the reason why a person wants to invest in a custom poster frame. Sure, business is important, but so is fun and unbridled passion for the poster!

Firstly, an obvious reason to invest in a custom frame is for business purposes. Any business owner doesn’t want his business’s message represented by a cheap, plastic frame. They want the first representation of their business to be spot on and perfect. CSD has worked with several ┬ámajor companies in this endeavor, including Pizza Hut and Borden Milk.


Poster frames borden milk cow

An obvious reason to opt for poster framing is the advancement of technology we have and cultural shifts. In general, bigger is better. And with camera that are able to capture the finest detail, blowing up an image doesn’t necessarily end with a blurry image anymore. People have more freedom to make their photos into full-sized posters while keeping the image intact.

poster frames james dean rebel without a cause

Lastly, the previous photo hints at my final point. Movie posters, of course! I understand if you’ve got a 10 dollar poster why you would just opt for a cheap frame. However, if you have a rare or autographed poster, getting it custom framed in the way to go. It preserves the poster and looks better. A Bonus? Turn the poster frame into a shadow box or cut words into the matting to label the poster with a favorite line or actor.

tom cruise last samurai poster frames

In conclusion, poster frames are what you make them, and they can be made to serve pretty much any purpose.

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