The Fabulous and Framed Mini Guitar

There is no denying that any form of guitar is cool. Cue the mini guitar.

I didn’t know they made them until I found them in our archives already framed. A few months ago I was poking around the inventory closet and found a few lone survivors tucked in a box. I have to admit, the detail they had shocked me. Never before was I enamored so deeply with a mini guitar, but there I was, with one of the beauties resting in my palm.

Unfortunately the first concert I went to was Hanson. Technically they play guitars, but I use the word technically with dispassionate sincerity.

Guitar players are the coolest ever. As a child I received a small guitar to learn on. I never learned one song. Instead, I held the neck with my right hand (my writing hand) and flipped the cords up and down a lot with my fingers.


I would like to take a moment to state that we (CSD), in fact, do frame full sized guitars. I’ve written previous blog posts about those.

This blog post, however, is dedicated to our beautiful mini guitar frames. 

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