Making a Case for the Jewelry Case

custom jewelry case

About two years ago I started collecting precious gems. So far, I have a citrine, amethyst and emerald. All are necklace pendants. Fortunately for me, a friend made me a wooden jewelry stand for my newfound passion.

Although women get a lot of teasing for loving jewelry, men love jewelry too! Think about it. Cuff links, college rings, silver chains, and watches are all jewelry.

A custom made jewelry case is a great way to display your best pieces. After all, the jewelry probably cost a pretty penny. Why not show it off? I get it, men don’t want to call it a jewelry case. Watch or ring case fits just fine. Down below is a photo of a custom case CSD made for a customer. Notice that the opening is able to be propped up. I love the effect that gives the box. The watches sit on customized suede matting, cut out to form. In the back, four rings fit snug in case.


custom jewelry case


I’m bringing this up because people typically don’t think about a display case when they think of custom framers. In reality, it makes perfect sense. A display case needs glass or plexi along with wood. What do framers have? Just that!

In addition, professional framers are used to hardware and logistics. That’s important when it comes to expensive items.

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