Gun Display Case Picture Examples

CSD is capable of making a beautiful gun display case for any gun owner. Whether made out of poly or wood, our frames give guns a classic look. If you want to preserve a guy as an artifact, opt for a shadow box. If you would like to both display the gun and take it out to shoot, choose a display case. Look at our photos of gun display cases. They will give you an idea for what you are looking for.

gun display case csd

This gun display case shows military service. By placing patches in the case, the gun is given context. Furthermore, it’s a wonderful way to commemorate time in the service. Use an etched medal plate to name the kind of gun or where it was used in battle. A blue suede mat in the background highlights the gorgeous wooden body of the gun.

gun display case

Show off two pieces at once. The red background tends to go well with just about any gun color. The reason? Guns are typically silver, black, or brown. Red complements all of those colors perfectly.


I love the classy feel of this display case. Navy and brown go so well together. The golden colored plate matches details on the gun.

In conclusion, the color of the frame and the matting definitely matters. A display case is used for display. That must not be discounted.

Furthermore, a gun shadow box is one step away from being a display case. Adding hinges to the display allows the owner to take out the gun. Once the gun is finished being used, simply place the gun safely back in its case.

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