Completely Adorable Framed Baby Photos

Here I sit, the Friday before Labor Day weekend. I’m stuck in the office, waiting to go home. Yet then I thought, what can turn a frown upside down? Baby Photos, of course! I chose a few framed photos from the archives to share.

framed baby photos csd

How would you like your picture taken right after a bath? As an adult, I’m supposed to have control over my face but I know I make that same expression at least 10 times a day.

csd framed baby photos

Baby cuddles?! I want one! Seriously, is this not the cutest photo ever?

dual baby photos csd

Baby girl looks apprehensive. Baby boy is just happy he’s in a blanket fort.

baby photos balloons csd

BALLOONS!!! I would be smiling, too.

There you have it. I’m feeling much happier! Babies are the cutest!


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