Collage Picture Frames

collage picture frames

What’s better than a picture? Multiple pictures! Collage picture frames are the perfect way to get the most out of a frame. Plus, they’re so fun to plan! Mat cut outs make it possible to set each picture beautifully. Not to mention, rules fly out the window! Who needs rules, anyway? Join me in celebrating collage picture frames with a visual blog!

collage picture frames

I love that a photo collage was used to spell out the words. The black frame with white matting pops. Not to mention, black and white are versatile colors. The spacing between the photos isn’t too large or small. You can hang this collage anywhere.

collage picture frames

If you’re going to compete in a Duathlon, get some proof! Each photo is taken at different times during the race. The result is as if you’re on the journey with the athlete. The eight photos surround the racing number. There’s no harm in adding memorabilia to your collage picture frames. Remember, rules go out the window!

collage picture frames

The only thing better than a vacation is reliving the experience. How I wish I was in the Bahamas! Capture some cute photos of family and friends, sit back and enjoy the memories.

photo collage frames

How many photos can fit in one frame? Well, how many you got? I love that this collage takes every day occurrences and puts them together in a loving way. I’ll have to try this method out for myself.


Collages are super ┬ápopular and just plain fun. If you’re interested in a custom college picture frame, contact CSD for a free quote.

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