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5 Reason Why People Like Picture Frames

Picture frames are practically a necessity for any room nowadays. Did you know that the ideas of “Self” and “Consciousness” are fairly new terms? British writers in the 19th century as well as psychologists started to unearth the concepts in forms of art and science.┬áIn this post I’ll be explaining why picture frames are never […]

Practical and Fun Uses for Poster Frames

Poster frames have been around a long time. There’s something about blowing up and image and displaying it for the world to see. There are several reason why a person may want to invest in a custom frame for a poster. First of all, there are collectors who focus specifically on posters. Watch one episode […]

Making a Case for the Jewelry Case

custom jewelry case

About two years ago I started collecting precious gems. So far, I have a citrine, amethyst and emerald. All are necklace pendants. Fortunately for me, a friend made me a wooden jewelry stand for my newfound passion. Although women get a lot of teasing for loving jewelry, men love jewelry too! Think about it. Cuff […]

Completely Adorable Framed Baby Photos

Here I sit, the Friday before Labor Day weekend. I’m stuck in the office, waiting to go home. Yet then I thought, what can turn a frown upside down? Baby Photos, of course! I chose a few framed photos from the archives to share. How would you like your picture taken right after a bath? […]

Collage Picture Frames

collage picture frames

What’s better than a picture? Multiple pictures! Collage picture frames are the perfect way to get the most out of a frame. Plus, they’re so fun to plan! Mat cut outs make it possible to set each picture beautifully. Not to mention, rules fly out the window! Who needs rules, anyway? Join me in celebrating […]