Why Custom Framing? Is Custom Framing Worth It?

One of the main questions someone has when considering custom framing over a store-bought frame is, Why custom framing? What exactly is the payoff? In this blog, I am going to answer that question in detail.   There are two main reasons you want to have an item that is very valuable to you professionally framed. One reason is the skill and talent that professional framers possess. Another reason, which we will be covering in this blog, is the high quality of materials that are involved in the custom framing process.


At CSD Framing, we recognize that people come to us to have their memories preserved, and that’s why we only use the best materials in all of our custom frames. Let’s go ahead and start answering the question Why Custom Framing?

  First, let’s go over mat boards. Did you know that paper naturally contains acid? CSD purchases both suede and pulp filled mat board that is acid-free. You may be able to imagine the positives of using acid-free mat board. The mat board coloring doesn’t bleed or discolor overtime. Essentially, acid-free mat board protects your valuables and the look of your art, memorabilia and photos. Why Custom Framing? Example Bette DavisAnother way we use materials to our advantage is by using only plexiglass in our custom frames. There are a lot of different reasons why we chose, over the years, to dissuade customers from using glass for their frames. First of all, glass breaks. Secondly, glass is not UV resistant. You may think your frame is secure if it’s not in direct sunlight, but that’s not exactly true. Even small sources of light, over decades, fades colors. Plexiglass is shatter resistant AND UV resistant. Lastly, CSD Framing uses only reputable moulding companies to make each frame. For example, a lot of our products come from Larson-Juhl Moulding. According to their website, Larson-Juhl products are made in the USA, which is important to CSD. Furthermore, Larson-Juhl is environmentally friendly, and the company has planted half a million trees around the globe. I think we can all agree that caring for the environment in which we live and breathe is very important.


All of these top-notch materials come together to make a high-quality, beautiful frame that stands the test of time.

  Can you imagine if the art we cherish and love, like the Mona Lisa, weren’t framed professionally? Well, apparently at one time, she wasn’t! According to Wikipedia, Mona Lisa was taken out of her original frame, which caused warping due to humidity. As a result, a crack near the top of the portrait’s panel developed. Thankfully, conservationists intervened, stabilized the crack, and Mona Lisa has been smiling ever since. Why custom framing? Because you don’t want to have a Mona Lisa on your hands become a Jackson Pollack. Check out this video we made of this transcription and make sure you are up to date on custom framing vs ready made/store bought frames. 

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