Custom Framing Prices And What’s True

A huge misconception in this industry is that custom framing prices break the bank. I’m not going to lie and say custom framing is cheap that getting a ready made frame because it’s not. I think I’m passionate about this topic because CSD does affordable custom framing. Additionally, time after time, I will see custom framing shops that offer products that just aren’t up to par.

First of all, custom framing is supposed to be custom. A lot of the frames I see are just plain repetitive. It seems like a lot of professional framing companies don’t go out of their way to show a customer all that someone can do with custom framing.

custom framing prices csd framing Custom framing prices are largely due to the labor involved. A framer has to cut and affix the moulding, cut the matting, mount the materials and make sure that whatever is in that frame is not going to budge. Well, unless you want it to, like a display case, which I’ve found is just a fancy word for a shadow box that opens. Another huge misconception is that custom framing prices are lowest at the big retail craft stores. this simply isn’t true. I’ve called and verified this myself. And, oftentimes, they have teenagers or otherwise unskilled framers handling your valuables. For the same price and most of the time even cheaper, you can call around to your local framing shop and find a better deal. Why? Framing is a lot more competitive than it may seem. I remember reading a study that said at any given time, someone has 6 things they want to frame in the future. That’s a lot of frames.

If you’re in doubt, fill this out for a free framing quote. You will get a real, live person every time (and often, it’s me).

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