Top 10 Reasons to Love Our Jersey Frame Packages

  1. They are affordable. I personally know this to be true because I am the one who A) fought like the dickens to get the prices correct and B) actually called other major stores which shall not be named for their prices on jersey framing and it was not pretty. Don’t believe me? Call them up yourself. A jersey frame package does not have to cost an arm and a soul.
  2. They show off team spirit. There’s a lot of pride when it comes to sports. There are people who were literally born into a certain team’s family.. like their grandpa’s grandpa’s grandpa was a Dallas Cowboys fan from the age of five. I can’t think of a better way to show your pride that through a jersey frame package. The colors are there, the name, the team… all up for everybody to see.
  3. Empty walls look sad and unattractive. I have a confession to make: I moved into my house over a year ago and I have yet to properly decorate my walls. Seeing as I work that a custom framing company, I am ashamed. The walls just don’t look good. Have you ever stared at yards and yards of beige? It doesn’t do much for the human soul.
  4. We sew the jerseys into the matting instead of using glue. This is a HUUGGGEE advantage over other peeps. Gluing the jersey onto the matting makes it stay there FOREVER. it also ruins the jersey, even if you try to peel it off. Not cool.
  5. You can add a pin, a patch, whatever. We may have set prices for what each package includes, but you can always add a little somethin something. We have price guides for everything in the office, much to the chagrin of our accountant. Our framing professionals can do it all. 
  6. They are shipped domestically within the USA. Live in Cali? That’s cool. All the way up in Ohio? We have your back.
  7. They are MADE in the USA. Not only are we a small company, but we make our custom frames in shop, in Carrollton-TX. There’s no better way to support Dallas/DFW that making purchase decisions in the area.
  8. They are conversation starters. If you’re been around a sports fan, this is pretty much non-explanatory.
  9. They are perfect as gifts. The frames are classy and can go anywhere where there’s a wall, including the office, the man cave, China….
  10. They made with acrylic casing (aka plexiglass). Glass breaks. Not only does it break, but it hurts when it breaks and you step on it or get a shard stuck in your finger. Shipping is also a hassle with glass. Plexi looks like glass and performs WAY better, which is what we use on our jersey frame packages. Not to mention, it’s UV resistant. Sorry, glass. You lose.

Check out our packages and you’ll see why were’s so passionate.   CSD_GALLERY_cowboy

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