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Musical Photo Collages

Photo collages are super popular. Especially when the topic is frames, it seems like the more pics you can fit, the better. I guess a lot of people consider just one photo in a frame a waste! Alanis Morissette was the jam in the nineties. Jagged Little Pill sold countless copies. In addition, her song […]

Framed Photos and Quotes on Photography

framed photos csd framing

All framed photos have an origin. For a calming effect, read some of these gorgeous photography quotes I compiled from petapixel online.   “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” — Andy Warhol “Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and […]

Custom Framing Prices And What’s True

A huge misconception in this industry is that custom framing prices break the bank. I’m not going to lie and say custom framing is cheap that getting a ready made frame because it’s not. I think I’m passionate about this topic because CSD does affordable custom framing. Additionally, time after time, I will see custom […]

Why Custom Framing? Is Custom Framing Worth It?

One of the main questions someone has when considering custom framing over a store-bought frame is, Why custom framing? What exactly is the payoff? In this blog, I am going to answer that question in detail.   There are two main reasons you want to have an item that is very valuable to you professionally framed. […]

Top 10 Reasons to Love Our Jersey Frame Packages

They are affordable. I personally know this to be true because I am the one who A) fought like the dickens to get the prices correct and B) actually called other major stores which shall not be named for their prices on jersey framing and it was not pretty. Don’t believe me? Call them up yourself. A […]