Materials and Methods for Framed Jerseys

A huge part of what CSD Framing is known for are framed jerseys, and there is a reason why so many people (including professional athletes) trust us with their jerseys. One huge reason why we can be trusted is how we treat the jersey. A lot of other framers glue jerseys in place. At CSD Framing, we sew each and every jersey into the matting. You can choose from suede or pulp filled (fancy phrase for very thick paper) matting. I would say almost all of our clients choose the suede matting. It makes the colors of the mat look deep and rich. A big point to make is that both the suede and paper mattings we use are acid free. You do not want to put your jersey up against a matting that is not acid free for obvious reasons. michael jordan chicago bulls jersey csd framing carrollton texas

Another good point to make is that cloth is not very durable. For this reason, we use acrylic casing for our framed jerseys instead of glass. Imagine a heavy thunderstorm or your 5 year old bumping into the jersey on the wall. Not only is glass dangerous when broken, but it breaks very easily. Acrylic is able to withstand both heat and shattered better than glass and it looks almost identical to glass in the frame.

Framed jerseys also need to be treated properly during the actual framing process. We keep all of our clients’ jersey neat and tidy. Each one is individually hung up and stored in room devoid of excess light or heat. That way, we make sure that the jersey stays in the same shape it came in as once we frame it. We use only the best custom framing materials

Lastly, framed jerseys do not have to be boring. At CSD Framing, we do matting cut outs of words, symbols– whatever our customer wants! You can have both a professional looking and unique framed jersey. To learn more about our framed jerseys, head over to our framed jersey packages page!

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