The Movie Poster

Here at CSD, we are used to framing movie posters. Each movie poster is typically brought in by the customer and it’s fun to see what people enjoy. In this post, I am going to highlight some famous movie posters that stand out in the CSD gallery as being a truly good framing job done by a professional framing company (us!)

. movie poster wizard of ox csd framing dallas texas 75006

Not a typical movie poster frame but has all of the elements of one. It’s got screen shots from the movie. It also has photos of the actors themselves. I really like the gold bricks at the bottom and the lettering on the word “Oz.” It’s got a vintage feel while still being attractive to the eye. Sometimes that’s hard to pull off. The Wizard of Oz was the first movie in color. Did you know that? So cool! the last samurai movie poster framed csd framing carrollton tx 75006

This movie poster of The Last Samurai, featuring Tom Cruise, is one of my favorites. An actual sword is put into the frame, giving it a cool 3-D effect. The red handle highlights the hints of the color in the poster. Lastly, the moulding that makes the frame is a great choice for the subject matter and the colors in the movie poster. The lord of the rings movie poster frame csd framing carrollton tx 75006 I love the photo collage look of the movie poster. The lord of the Rings is a popular movie and will most likely be seen as a classic in the future. That deserves a really nice frame. CSD Framing chose a golden frame, with some tan colors, to highlight the colors in the poster. Furthermore, the color gives this poster the royal treatment. Looking at this poster makes me want to watch the movie again.

If you’re looking to get a movie poster framed, ¬†you can always get a free custom framing quote from CSD Framing.

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