Custom Framing

The art of custom framing is something that is learned over time. I really enjoy learning about our Dallas area professional framers on our team and what they like to do. Names may have been changed! photo mat cutting csd framing dallas tx 75006

Dan looks great for his age and often wears stylish hats to work. He definitely is into design and things looking good in general. He sewing our jerseys into our mats and puts the hardware on the back of our frames too. ┬áRecently he and his wife moved, and in his free time, he likes to decorate his new apartment. I am very jealous of how easily he puts colors and shapes together! If he wasn’t a framer, he could do interior design. Custom framing is an industry he really likes and dreams about opening his own gallery.

Carson is always a joy to talk to. He does a lot of the little touches to frames and is the master mind behind mounting guitars into our frames. He is a college educated artist. In his free time, he paints for customers outside of work. I love that he paints on his bed, oftentimes with his hands. So many of his paintings and drawings (yeah, he does that too) truly blow me away. As a professional framing company, we are very lucky to have him be a part of our custom framing business.

Rob is a man’s man. He is very practical, love sports, and is simply a great worker. Sometimes we venture outside for a brief break, and I get to hear his stories about his travels. His wife can make a mean cake, too! He is really good at etching plates, filling in the content for the plates themselves (what wording goes on them) and closing up the back of the frames. David is our designer. ┬áHe has been specifically cutting mats for a long time, and a lot of our customers know to ask for him when they come in. Furthermore, he has a creative mind, and from what I’ve seen, tends to understand the custom framing process as a whole. Tying the ends together is what he does best.

Lastly, Mike cuts the actual wood moulding. The importance of this position gets overlooked. In reality, he is the one making the actual frames! It’s kind of like having an alto in a sea of sopranos or a bassist in a band– he provides the ground work for everything else. Not to mention, he puts himself in harms way every day by using the table saw to create beautiful wooden and acrylic frames.

Thanks for everything, team!

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